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6 Body Signs A Woman Passes When She Is Into You Very Much

While men are an open book, women aren’t. Most women would try to play coy and conceal it to an extent when they are into you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t know. With a little more attention, the truth always can be unraveled.

Here are some signs to look out for when a woman is into you.

1. She plays with her hair

Look out for things like her twitching a lock of her hair or just simply playing with the strands of it. It means she’s shy, and shyness only comes when you’re into someone.

2. She folds her hands

When she folds both her hands on her chest, you should aware that she’s not into you, and she’s trying to close you out. However, if she folds them lower than that, around her thighs, It’s a sign she’s comfortable with you, and she’s coyly trying to get you to notice she does.

3. She touches her lips

When she touches her lips, it can be as a result of two things, either the weather is extremely dry and you’re trying to make sure your lips aren’t or you’re excited about someone. If the latter happens with a lady, it’s most likely she’s interested in you.

4. She mirrors your pose, gestures, or behavior,

For example, you touch your hair, and she does the same a minute later. You whisper, and she whispers, it’s probably because she’s into you.

I don’t know if this is always deliberate, but most times it’s just her subconscious self doing it.

5. She sits/moves closer to you

Closeness indicates comfort, and that can only be because she likes you and wants to be nearer your admirable self.

6. Her pupils dialate

This requires more attention or you’ll miss it. If you can look at her eyes, watch out for dilating pupils. This means they’ll get wider if she’s excited and likes you.