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If This Is Not a Miracle, Then Tell Me What It Is

An incredible story of resilience showed up after a destructive tornado swept through Clarksville, Tennessee. Tragically, the tornado wreaked havoc on the Hol Park Mobile Home Community, resulting in three people leaving this life forever.

Amidst the chaos, a four-month-old baby had a remarkable story of survival to share.

A mother named Sydney Moore shared her harrowing experience during the tornado. As she shielded her one-year-old son, Princeton, her boyfriend hurried to rescue her son, who was in a bassinet.

Surprisingly, when the tornado hit with incredible strength, it swept the bassinet, with little baby inside, into the air. It was truly a miracle that the baby remained in the bassinet regardless of being tossed around by the fierce storm.

As soon as the tornado was over, Moore’s first thought was where her baby was among the wreckage.

What happened next was truly astonishing — they discovered the baby perched in a tree, with a deep cut on his face. Incredibly, despite the injury, Lord managed to survive, a fact that Moore views as nothing less than a miracle.

The family had to navigate through the destroyed landscape to get medical support. The baby boy had a head injury and an ear injury, and the man broke his shoulder. A damaged bassinet near their home serves as a constant reminder of the family’s harrowing struggle and their resilience.