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The 2 Lines On Your Palm May Reveal Your Relationship’s Future

The 2 Lines On Your Palm May Reveal Your Relationship’s Future

A person’s hands can tell something about what they’re like in love. They won’t lie and will give more truthful information than their owner.

1. The lines are at the same level

You have serious intentions and prefer constant relationships. You’re rational and dislike sharp turns in life. You are a sensible person with a soft character, and they care about the opinions of others. You have an intrinsic motivation to do things right and comfort people when times are dark and bleak.

2. The left-hand line is lower

Such an alignment also indicates that you are a mature person. You like to have emotional stability and meaning in your life. Due to this, your social engagements are of high quality.

You prefer an older partner and is wise beyond their years, since you are emotionally evolved. Moreover, you’ll most likely have a long-term and stable partner. You tend to not waste your feelings on someone who you think lacks age and experience. At the same time, you like to challenge yourself with new experiences. You are not easily impressed by pretentious folks, but see the person in their true light.

3. The left-hand line is higher

You don’t rush to have a serious relationship and neither do they consider love their reason for happiness. But when they finally decide to choose someone for life, that will be a person younger than themselves or of a different nationality. They love with their eyes and are self-confident. This is a purposeful and independent person who easily overcomes hardships. When in a relationship, you’d support your partner’s pursuits while acing yours simultaneously.

This type of alignment may mean that you won’t hesitate to take risks for your love. You will gladly take on challenges and turn them into opportunities while following your love interest.