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Three Legged Chicken

A man was driving at 80 kph one day when he was passed by a 3-legged chicken.

He accelerated and passed the chicken.

Three minutes later the chicken passed him again as he was driving at 100 kph.

The man tried to catch the chicken but it ran down a side road.

The man followed it into a farmyard but couldn’t find it anywhere.

He saw the farmer and told him the story and the man asked for an explanation.

The farmer said that he, his wife and his son all liked chicken legs so he bred 3-legged chickens.

What do they taste like?” asked the man.

“I don’t know”, replied the farmer,

“we haven’t caught one yet”

Little Johnny went to the mall and rushed to a toy shop to pick up a toy plane. He gave the shopkeeper Monopoly money and then started to leave.

The shopkeeper told him,

“Excuse me, little boy, this isn’t real money.”

Little Johnny continued walking out of the shop without any reply.

The shopkeeper repeated himself, and Little Johnny kept walking.

The third time the shopkeeper called him, and Johnny said “What?”

The shopkeeper said,

“I’m sorry, young man, but this is not real money.”

Little Johnny looked at the plane in his hands, looked at the shopkeeper and finally said,

” And this isn’t a real plane.”